Thursday, August 13, 2009


My attempts at silk fusion were successful - I've got several sheets of beautiful, soft, sheets that feel like a cross between fabric and soft paper. It was very easy to make so I decided to spend this evening making some more so I have a little stash for future projects. Since the materials were out, part of the mess was made and the instructions were fresh in my mind, it was easy to jump in and make more. I'll post some photos of the results after tonights batch dries overnight.

Making "extras" of things is something I always do. I like having a pile of things that I made myself to work with - dyed fabric, special-effect watercolor papers, small assemblages, etc. They sometimes sit for a long time in a box or jar, waiting for me to find their "home". On the rare ocassions that I cook I do the same thing... two meatloafs are just as easy to make as one and six quiches aren't much more work than one. Keeping the freezer stocked with home-made, quick to thaw and eat food allows me much more time in my studio on those evenings that my husband doesn't feel like cooking.

I've got a couple of projects in mind for my silk fusion sheets - I'm hoping to get them done and posted Saturday morning before we head out of town overnight. It is an interesting material with a lot of possibilities - come back to see what I make!

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