Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new, tossing the useless...

At last, my new computer is on the desk in my studio, full of all kinds of fun things like Photoshop Elements & a Bamboo tablet and several other things I wanted on my old computer before it croaked. Before I start learning about the new things I have a lot to do in setting up things I took for granted, like shortcuts on my toolbar and knowing where my files live. The fun stuff will have to wait until I get all that figured out. I wish this computer mumbo jumbo came more naturally to me!

I love this photo, it is of a bunch of stamps I made using fun foam. The look so good laid out like this, sort of quilt like. They look so good as is I'm going to hate to dirty them with ink!

Putting the new computer on my desk led to my clearing the whole thing off so I could clean it and set it all up "brand new". My studio is now a mess (who knew one could hide so much on one little desk???) and I am going to go through everything, being ruthless on what is allowed to continue sharing my space. Quilter + Collager + Assemblage Maker = Hoarder of Stuff (most commonly heard phrase "I don't know what I want it for but it's cool and I'll use it for something someday...). Well, I'm not going to ditch the really cool stuff, just have to re-define "cool", I guess.

I've already begun going through all the magazines & books that no longer interest me - it's amazing how fast they accumulate into very big, shelf-clogging piles. I'm taking a big bag of publications to my next Art Quilt meeting in hopes they will find new homes. I'm planning to do a lot of weeding out in 2012.

And, with the new computer comes the realization that my Lexmark All in One is a dinosaur that will have to be replaced. Too bad, we actually understand one another. Guess that's another new thing I'll have to learn about.

Here's to learning about new things, appreciating the old, and knowing when to get rid of that which no longer serves a purpose. The amazing elinor peace bailey once told me that keeping "stuff" in your studio that doesn't serve a purpose (or inspire you) just clogs the creative path. Here's to taking her good advice & clearing the way!

Monday, December 12, 2011

RIP Old Computer...

In case anyone noticed that I haven't posted for a while, my studio computer has bit the dust, is pushing up daisies, has gone to the big computer wasteland in the sky... I've been waiting for my husband to get my new computer set up and, of course, he has been pretty busy so I'm being patient. I'm finally going to have Photoshop Elements to play with.... my Wacom Tablet is going to be installed.... lots of other programs that I've been wanting to use but couldn't because my old computer was a T-Rex, just limping along without room to install new things.

So, I wait a little longer, hopeful that it will all be set up soon. I don't have any pictures loaded on my office computer & the scanner is plain B&W so this is a pretty boring looking post... I'm dreaming of all the things I will be able to do with the new computer & software :)

I have made several new things & have found some great new books that I'll write about after I get all set up. Until then, take a look at Pinterest at and sign up to follow me. It is a lot of fun & a wonderful resource for a million things that you can post & share. I'm still figuring it out and am enjoying all the things I'm finding along the way.

Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers, Gail