Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo & Bead choices

It was tough to choose one photo out of 366! Here's a photo of the insipration photo I chose and the beads I'm going to start off with. I'm pretty sure I'll be adding beads as I make the necklace.

The photo is titled "Illuminated Greenhouse near Sauvo, Varsinals-Suomi region, Finland". Kind of funny that I looked at 366 pages of photos and selected the one on page eleven!

I was drawn to the photo because I like the contrast of the brightly lit greenhouse, warm inside, full of growing things, and the surrounding landscape in the darkness of evening, cold and snow covered with bare branched trees. The greenhouse represents hope for something new. My necklace will also be a contrast, not only of colors, but of the elements - green leaf beads among grey branched fringe, using both shiny and matte beads. The design is forming in my mind as I write this - I want to get started but Project Runway is on tonight! Having my materials chosen and a direction in my mind will be all that gets done for now...

I am SO looking forward to this weekend, two days in my studio - time to play! Lots of things I want to work on - could that mean that "Bookworm 52" is doing what I was hoping for??? Ahhh, refreshing to feel some creative energy again - here's hoping it stays with me...


  1. I have found that books totally inspire me in ways i could never imagine. One connection can just jump start me into four or five new ideas! I'm addicted to books! and looking forward to following your energy!

  2. Oooh! Another book-a-holic! My friend Jane says that every time she walks into Borders, a $100 bill flys out of her pocket, lol. I know that feeling! Glad to hear of your love for books and thanks for following my journey!

  3. I am sorry to say that my one and only attempt at any sort of beading went by the wayside when I got frustrated when I was unable to successfully attach the fasteners. I am hoping your project will re-inspire me!!

  4. I wish you lived closer, Jane, I'd be happy to show you how to attach findings! The best thing I can suggest is to check with your local bead store to see if they offer classes. Or, go to a big event like the Bead & Button show (in Milwaulkee every year) and take classes - you would love it! If you are trying to do something specific, please just e-mail me and I'll see if I can help you!