Sunday, November 15, 2009

A productive weekend!

I got a lot done this weekend, including these two projects - the first from "Fabric Leftovers". I'm not a coffee drinker but I love the idea of coffee cup huggies so I made some for my step-daughter, Dawn, who loves coffee. These will add a little pizzazz to her morning!

My project from "Plush-O-Rama" turned out very cute - I've decided to call her "Cuddles" as she is super cuddly soft. In keeping with the idea of up-cycling sweaters in the book, I made her from a stretchy knit top that is probably the softest fabric ever!

Both projects were fun to make - the coffee cup cuffs were super easy to make - I simplified the method used in the book and basically did a stitch and flip method so that no top quilting was necessary. I can't even tell that I took fabric out of my scrap bin - my guess is that I have enough scraps left to make another ten thousand of these!

Two full days of studio time has been a lovely treat - I'm feeling so contented and satisfied after getting some projects made and organizing myself for some more.


  1. hmmm, 10,000 coffee huggers -- sounds like an etsy enterprise to me. . .


  2. Your Cuddles is really cut and aptly named. I'm sure your daughter will love her coffee cozies. I so admire your tenacity for going through your books with all your projects.

  3. Emily and Dawn loved their presents - Emily took Cuddles to school to show her friends and Dawn will use the coffee cozies for her Starbucks runs! Hmmmm, Etsy... another internet mystery to me - maybe someday!