Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

While I enjoy travelling, there is nothing I enjoy more than being HOME. Our house is a sweet ranch - peaceful and comfortable. We did a huge interior renovation before we moved in and my goal was to make it warm and cozy, like the inside of a cashmere glove. Between the cozy upstairs and my delicious studio, the hardest thing I do every day is leave to go to work! We have been home for the past four days and it has been wonderful! It is rare for us to be home so many days in a row without any demands on our time - we have to work on doing this more often...

I spent almost all four days in my studio, working on a book proposal and projects for a magazine article. I should have done my blog projects but I was on a roll with the other things and decided to stick with them. Unfortunately, I can't show you any of what I did since it is all for future publication!

At last count, I was four weeks behind on my weekly projects - I think this week brings me to five. I've picked out the books - here's the first one, Crossroads by Nancy Crow. I love the bold bands of colors in the quilts in this book. I recently ordered a yummy box full of hand-dyed fabrics from Cherrywood and they will be perfect to work with. I admire quilters who also dye their own fabrics, as Nancy Crow does. It is an art all unto itself!

I finally bought a piece of homosote to use for a design wall - making a quilt based on this book will be the perfect chance to put that to use!

The photos in this book show the works in progress, pinned to the design wall as Nancy worked out her quilts. Photos of her studio and peeks at her journal pages brings her process to life and makes this a very enjoyable book. I am excited about making a "Crossroads" quilt of my own - check back in a few days to see what I've done!

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