Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catching up...

At last, studio time! October was a crazy-busy month without much studio time which meant that I'm behind on my book-a-week projects. I've gone back to my post for the week of October 17th & have done my projects from "Layers"... originally, I was going to do collage in a board book but then I finished a journal (woo hoo!) and re-discovered one I had started a while ago. Both had boring covers so I did them instead.

The first one is a big sketchbook, over an inch thick and about 8" x 10". It will take me a long time to fill all those pages! I used a combination of a catalog image, hand painted fabric and marbled papers on the cover - much better than the plain purple cover it had before! I also covered the binding and back and inside both covers. Somehow, it makes sketching more fun to have a creative cover on the book.

The second book was just a plain spiral bound book (this is the one I've finished working in). The photo on the cover is by Kelly Kilmer and is from one of her collage sheets, all photos of hands, that I love to work with.

After I finished the journal covers, I flipped back through the book of the week and pictures of a collaged clipboard caught my eye. I remembered seeing a clipboard in the garage & made that my next project. What fun that was! I'm going to use it for my ever-present list of projects I want to do. I usually write the list and proceed to lose it in the mess on my desk. Now I'll keep the list on my pretty clipboard & it will be easier to keep track of!
While I had all the papers and medium out, I decided to also decorate some cardboard tubes to hold my tool on my worktable. The tubes are from single-malt scotch - I have friends who save them for me. I cut them down to the right height and covered them with pretty papers. Here's hoping they will help me to keep my worktable more organized!

One week down, a few more to go... I'm off to pick out another book to work from!

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