Friday, October 2, 2009

Supply sources

I brought some of my projects to my monthly Art Quilt group last night and was met with great enthusiasm. There were a number of ladies asking about where I purchase the sticky backed canvas and paints that I used. Here's the info:

Both the sticky backed canvas and paints are from the Claudine Hellmuth line of products. The sticky backed canvas is great to work with since there is already adhesive on the back. Just paint, cut (or tear), peel off the backing paper and apply to your desired surface. Her paints are FABULOUS - they are creamy and cover well. One of the things I especially love is the mixing chart she has on her website ( - the paint line has only 15 paints but the chart gives you the mixing recipies to make another 51 colors. No more making mud in search of the color you want - just go to Claudine's chart, find your color and it tells you how to get there. It's great! I would suggest buying all fifteen paints in the line so you can make all additional 51 colors. I purchase the supplies at - it's the site for the publishers of the delicious family of magazines that includes Somerset Studio, ArtQuiltingStudio, Where Women Create, Belle Armoire, Stuffed, Altered Couture, Haute Handbags, Memories... the list goes on.

OK, I admit, I'm a little biased towards Stampington & Co because of their generous support in publishing a lot of my projects & articles and I think that Jenny Doh, their Director of Publishing is one of THE most AMAZING women I've ever met. Her blog is worth looking at also,

That's it from me for now! I have to get back to my day job of accounting!

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  1. Gail,
    Thanks a million for bringing the fruits of your labor to the FANE meeting and sharing all the information. I've gone back and read all your blogs. I wanted to comment on them all, but will make do with one big comment here. All of your projects are inspiring! I love the Snapple pins, your doll hat....all of it. I admire your tenacity and creativity and to think that you do it all and have a full time job. It makes me feel like a big slug.
    I planned to spend all day in my studio and here it is 11:30 with nothing done. You have inspired me to be more productive. Now I'm going to work!