Thursday, October 8, 2009

Macrame was all the rage when I was in high school during the 70's. It was mostly used for decorative items like plant hangers and wall hangings that looked like owls. This book, Beaded Macrame Jewelry (by Sherri Haab, published by Watson Guptill), takes macrame out of the
home dec trends of the 70's and advances it to a new level of stylish contemporary jewelry projects.
I'm still deciding what cord to use - I've got leather, silk, satin, jute and waxed linen, all good choices for the projects in this book. With beads from my extensive stash, I should come up with some fun things!
Since it's already Thursday night, I guess I'll be busy tying knots on Friday night. Check back on Saturday to see what I've made - I'd like to make a necklace but if it takes me a long time, it may just be a bracelet!

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