Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm back!

Well, I didn't really go anywhere - I just mean that I'm back to my blog! I have finished projects from the last two books I posted about. The first one is my quilt based on Nancy Crow's "Crossroads" series. All of the color combinations are relevant to people, events, places, or favorite things in my life. It is definitely outside of my "zone" that I normally work in! But it was fun to make and I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out how to represent my life through colors.

I got a little carried away when I started working on the fabric paper for the "Stitch Alchemy' book projects. It was fun to make the cloth paper, tearing, gluing and layering onto muslin to create the basis for the projects. I wound up with a little pile of cloth paper to work with.

Well, that is interesting, this is the first I've viewed the cloth paper beside an image of the quilt I made. Interesting how the colors are pretty much the same!
I made three quilt-collages using the cloth paper. It was fun to combine the papers with additional fabrics from my stash and then to find embellishments that worked. Here they are.

I enjoyed the process and will likely make another pile of cloth paper so I have a stash to turn to.

Last week, I started a beginner's printmaking class at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT. I enjoy continuing to add techniques and media to my bag of tricks.
In June, I am going to be attending Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. I am really looking forward to working in such an amazing setting, near a huge lake with incredible views. The lake is where "On Golden Pond" was filmed. The lodge I've been assigned to has a direct view of the lake and a full wrap around porch. I'm already envisioning sitting on the porch in the cool evening, doing some hand stitching or knitting. Sigh.

That's all from here for now... I'll be posting about my new book choice tomorrow. Hope you have been enjoying some wonderful creative adventures of your own!


  1. Gorgeous work Gail. I'm glad you are enjoying making paper-cloth. Kelli

  2. You've been very busy. Beautiful work as a result.

  3. Thanks, Kelli! I love your book - a great source of inspiration :)