Saturday, February 13, 2010

A book of hearts...

This is a beautiful book, perfect for Valentine's Day. It is a brief story about enduring love. The pages are filled with an amazing array of hearts made from everything imaginable - crayons, toothbrushes, seeds, sticks and radishes, to name a few. I'm looking forward to making some hearts of my own - the permanance of them lies in the photo taken, and, of course, the message they convey. Wishing you & your valentine a perfectly sweet day!

The next book I've chosen to make projects from is "Altered Books Workshop" (North Light) by Bev Brazelton. I have two books that I've begun to altere, I'm planning on filling more of the pages using techniques & ideas from this book.

I like to always have a couple of journals and altered books "in progress" so I have a place to work when the mood strikes me. It's the same with small quilt projects and collages - well, to be honest, I guess my whole studio is filled with "works in progress"! I turn to them when I have only small bits of time to spend in my studio - it is surprising how much I get done after a few brief stints. Of course, that means that my studio is usually a bit of a mess but it's a work room and I've gotten over wanting it to look perfect!

I'll post some of my work next time! Until then, I hope you are finding time for creative projects of your own...

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