Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bookworm 52 continues!

"Stitch Alchemy" by Kelli Perkins (Interweave Press) is the book I've chosen for my first "Bookworm 52" project of 2010. It is a colorful, happy looking book, full of ideas and techniques that will be fun to experiment with. I love both quilting and collage so this book is a natural choice for me!

One of the things I've been collecting for years is tissue paper. I also love to use dressmaker's pattern paper in my collages. I have a feeling that I'll be digging into my stash for the projects in this book. I'm also thinking that my fabric scraps are going to come in handy.

For the past four years, I have been participating in several collage exchange projects. The best one is the International Collage Exchange run by Dale Copeland of New Zealand, for details on how to participate, go to . Dale has posted one collage from each artist in archive files - you can view hundreds of original collages by visiting her site - a great inspiration! Thanks to this exchange, I have a fantastic collection of collages from all over the world. It is great fun to receive my package from New Zealand and enjoy my own little art show as I study each collage. Check it out, it's terrific!


  1. I'm honored that you chose Stitch Alchemy for Bookworm 52 and hope it sparks a flurry of happy creativity! Kelli Nina Perkins

  2. Hi Gail! I've looked thru Kelli's book - it has some really fun ideas! I have had fun with the paper-cloth I've played with. Can't wait to see what you come up with! (What is "Bookworm 52?")

  3. Thanks, Kelli! I love your book, such great energy in your exuberant colors & terrific detailed explanations. I'm having fun!

  4. Hi Cindy - "Bookworm 52" is the name of my blog project, choosing a book a week to make a project from & post it on my blog. Read the first couple of posts & it will make sense! Thanks for following my blog :) Hope to see you soon (and hopefully with my macro quilt, still a work in progress!)