Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two new quilts

I had a lot of fun making both of these quilts, mostly because I was just following the styles of the two books I'm writing about, not a specific pattern - that means no measuring!  I just cut & sewed, squared things up on the cutting mat as I went along. 

Here's the quilt I made from the book "Quilt Modern".  It pretty closely follows one of the quilts in the book, I just loved the colors and look of it.  I added the skinny bars of color to break up all the gray.  I love pebble quilting so that's how I stitched the gray area, as it was in the book. 


I also made a quilt after reading "Inspired Art Quilting" by Jean Wells'.  A photo I took in Bermuda (see last post) was the idea source for this quilt.  I loved the orange berries against the blue ocean and the neutral grays of the branches.  I really enjoyed making this quilt and know that I will make more photo inspired abstract quilts in the future.  Again, no measuring! 
This weekend I am beginning a huge project - reorganizing my whole house!  I'm flying in my sister, Valerie, to help me for a few weeks (yes, it will take that long).  I'm also going to rework part of my studio and go through ALL of my supplies and get rid of a lot of things that are clogging up my life.  I'm going to squeeze in some time to sew and blog so look back to see what I'm up to! 


  1. lovely new quilts! enjoy your reorganizing time and then come and do my house please!

  2. You did a wonderful job of abstracting that berry photo into a quilt. Love the colors!

  3. Thanks, Natalya! I am SO looking forward the re-org project.

  4. Thanks, Norma - I enjoyed making the quilt, I am going to re-visit that berry bush the next time I'm in Bermuda. I just love the colors of the berry bush with the ocean behind it. And, well, I love the rest of Bermuda too!