Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A four season girl...

I am definitely a four season girl. I was born in southern New York and haven't ever lived more than fifty miles from the hospital I was born in. One of the things I love about the Northeast is the change of seasons. As much as I can live without the extremes of winter days so cold the air in your lungs seems to freeze and summer days that make me melt when I step outside, I must endure those times to enjoy my favorite seasons, spring and fall. Between the two, spring is my absolute favorite.

After a long, gray winter, I love watching the miniscule touches of green that slowly appear on barren tree branches. I look every day for the tips daffodil leaves peeking through the soil and love the crisp fresh smell of it all. The scents of spring remind me of my flower shop days, spent with my Mom, surrounded by countless buckets of flowers, aromas marrying to create a perfume I will never forget. I love watching the earth come alive and celebrate the gifts of the garden, their sight and smells.

As I worked on my little art quilts, I thought of my love of springtime. I still can't show you my little quilts (the exchange is on Thursday - you'll have to wait like everyone else!) but, I can share the poem I wrote about them. I will be printing the poem on fabric and attaching it to the back of each little quilt. Here it is:

"The Promise"

Charcoal branches own the winter sky
until Mother Nature awakens
and the branches yield
to her power.

A mist of green emerges
to become a leafy cloud.
Spring's promise,

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