Sunday, July 24, 2011

How did April become July?

When last I posted, I had every intention of getting back to my studio & to blogging. About two weeks later, I had to have my neck surgery re-done & I went back into "recovery" mode, followed by a trip to Florida & a cruise - in short, I haven't been home enough to get any work done!

I have, at last, returned to my studio, and have begun work on a new series of small quilts. It will probably take me a few weeks before I finish what I have in mind but I promise to post some pictures when I do.

I recently spent the day with a dozen art quilt friends, new and old, sharing work, talking about processes, new directions, shows, books, and more. It was a delightful day that left me energized about focusing on my quilt work. Listening to those quilters helped me to realize that finding one's "voice" is a journey that has comfortable places along the way but that, eventually, one must move on, in search of a fresh voice. I also learned that even very established quilters struggle with new directions (Who knew? I thought they just woke up on the average Tuesday with a new brilliant direction).

I have been doing my share of floundering for a while, trying to find "meaning" in my work. I've finally realized that I need to do a lot more sewing and a lot less thinking - the rest will reveal itself, if I will just follow my instincts and make things that just look good to me.

Thank you, my Arty Party quilter friends. By sharing who you are you are helping me to find myself.


  1. Happened upon your blog while surfing the net and trying to beat the heat (close to 100 F. in Tunisia today). I've enjoyed your blog and your creative work/play. I especially liked your "Sticks and Stones" series. Very lovely and subtle.
    best, nadia

  2. that sure was a good Arty Party! Hope you get lots of studio time now!