Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Zealand Collage Exchange

Dale Copeland of New Zealand is the amazing organizer of an annual collage exchange. Each artist sends in 13 collages - one to be kept as a permanent collection donated to a museum somewhere around the world, one to be (perhaps) sold via Dale's web site for the exchange, and the remaining eleven are swapped with other artists. Each April I have received a wonderful packet of collages in exchange for the ones I've sent in. It is a terrific treat to find my New Zealand package in the mail!

Well over 100 artists have participated - take a look at Dale's site, to see the collection & the "for sale" collages. It's a great visual treat!

Back to doing tax returns... just two more weeks of this tax return stuff & then I'm heading back to my STUDIO!!!

Cheers, Gail

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