Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling scrappy...

When things get a bit busy around the office during tax season it becomes difficult for me to find time to work on projects that require "deep thought". In preparation for this, I try to set up some projects that are already started so I have something to work on when I have a short bit of time to spend in my studio.

One of my favorite things to do is make little quiltlets using the bits of fabric in my scrap bin. I pull out fabrics that I like together, iron them, and arrange them on a piece of Warm & Natural quilt batting. I pin down the scraps and place the whole arrangement on a piece of backing fabric. I made a good sized pile of them so I would have a nice selection.

I free motion stitch over the whole piece, playing with swirls, flowers, leaves and squiggles.

I use the finished quiltlets for projects like book covers, ATC's, pockets on tote bags, cosmetic bags, etc. My favorite book that I've made was from four of these little quilts.

I'm deep into tax season now and have turned to my stash of ready-to-stitch quiltlets. There is something very relaxing and satisfying about sitting at my sewing machine that is a great stress reliever - and since these are "no pressure" projects it is even more relaxing.

I will pile up my little quilts, to be made into bigger projects when I have the "brain space" to figure out what to do with them.
Besides these quiltlets, I have done a couple of other things in the creative department... I'm still taking the printmaking class and this week we were taught drypoint (on copper). I've engraved two plates and will be printing them tomorrow night. I'm really interested to see how much detail will come out of what I've done. We got snowed out last week but the week before I did linoleum block printing and I love some of the results. I'll post photos of the lino block and drypoint prints next week.

I also made my collages for the 13th Annual Collage Exchange run by the amazing Dale Copeland of New Zealand. This is my fourth year of participating and it is great fun. There is still time to participate - check it out at to see what it is all about. Dale posts images of the collages that are submitted and one collage by each artist is sold through her site. By participating, I receive a dozen collages back for the dozen I send in and I've developed a nice collection of art from all over the world through this exchange. It's great fun and I wouldn't miss it! I don't want to post photos of what I did yet - I will do so after Dale puts the site up.

Well, time for bed, lots of tax returns are waiting for me at my "day job"! It will be easy to fall asleep tonight, I feel so relaxed after spending a little time with my friendly Bernina!

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  1. thanks for the heads-up about the art-is-you workshops on the FANE list. I'm signed up for the weekend duo-extravanganza and greatly looking forward to it.